A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You have just been diagnosed with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), meandering through different worlds, collecting items that carry your memories, and eventually saving yourself from this chaos. 

Dice DID is a 2D puzzle game with a Sokoban mechanism that requires you to clean your path through obstacles and eventually collect all items to unlock your memory.


Switch world-Clicking buttons

Reset-Clicking buttons

Undo-Clicking buttons


V1.6.zip 37 MB
v1.6_mac.zip 46 MB

Install instructions

For those of you who use a Mac device,  there could be an error in the download file,

so please download the game through this link:



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I really like the puzzle idea, the overall design, the environmental storytelling, the visuals, and the music in this game :) Very enjoyable! The puzzles themselves were a little difficult, but it is incredibly impressive that this was pulled off in such a short timeframe! I have yet to design puzzles myself, not to mention doing so within 48 hours O.O 

Keep up the good work <3